Younes Azzam

My name is Younes.
I grew up fascinated by the magic of Egypt.
Later I graduated from the Luxor Egyptology Institute as a tour guide and started to guide from 2015 onwards.
I am currently completing my research to obtain a PhD degree in Egyptology.
Above all I ‘d like to give you a taste of Ancient Egypt.

You can contact me by mail:

Veerle Wauters

I went to Luxor for the first time in February 2018.
It was a journey with a deep impact on my being.
Most importantly it seemed to awaken memories of a life in deep inner peace, harmony and love.
Meanwhile, it felt as if the old energies and life forces from Egypt were still active and accessible to me.
Very soon the idea was born to share this experience with other people. We decided to organize tours to Egypt, to allow the participants to visit the country in a deep respect for its beauty, its magic and still remaining powers.
This tours to Egypt  includes the space for meditation and for your inner being to grow.

In my daily life, I work as an alternative therapist on stress-related issues and on allergies. 
You can find more information about my work on:

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