Ancient Egypt gives you a deep experience of oneness from body, soul and spirit. 

The Egyptians knew about this oneness and from this consciousness they created temples and tombs.
It is these holy places with powerful energies that we will visit together. We will visit them, knowing that our cells will resonate, that deep within us, there might be activated an inner knowing and that our souls, who are always connected with the light, will experience the feeling of coming home.


We will get acquainted with the symbols, the myths and the religion from Ancient Egypt.


During the meditations, we allow the mind to be peaceful and we give ourselves the possibility to connect with the oneness-field in and around us.


Returning to oneness is also going on a path of healing. This journey breaths gentle loving healing energy in all her aspects.


You are welcome to go on the path to your essence with a group of like-minded people.


4 October: We start our journey in Aswan, the source of the Nile. The Egyptians considered the first rapids in Aswan as the source of the Nile. They saw the river as the lifeline of their land. Every year the flooding of the Nile reminds them of ‘the great Flood’. The inundation of the land was a source of life and gave literally new life, new creation on the fields. The first temple we visit is Philae temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple is situated on an island in the Nile. With her magic and healing powers we receive the protection of Isis at the start of our journey. 5 October We leave Aswan in the direction of Luxor. We visit the temple of Kom Ombo. This is a a-typical temple, dedicated to two gods: Horus, symbolized as a falcon and Sobek, symbolized as a crocodile. This temple brings us beyond the duality of good and bad,
to the harmony that arises when light and dark may exist one beside the other. We continue towards the Edfu temple, dedicated to the god Horus. We meet the winged sun in this temple, the symbol of togetherness of the god Horus with the sun god Ra.
In the winged sun, we meet the female aspect of Horus. It brings us closer to the beautiful oneness that appears when male and female energy are tender and in balance.
6 October In the Luxor temple we have the possibility to meet the principle of the ‘ka’, the double force. You can see it as our unique life force that separates itself from the body after death. In the Luxor temple we hear the story how the ‘ka’ of the king incarnates in the next king and gives the new king wisdom and life force. We discover the birth chamber of Amenhotep 3, and hear about how the king is blessed by the god Ra. Those myths let us ponder on our own origin. Who are we in essence? Next is a visit of the temple complex of Karnak. During centuries and centuries, kings built on this impressive site. Karnak is associated with the god Amon, the god of shadow. But Karnak goes much more beyond than this.
You might see Karnak as a cosmic gate, so transcending that it reveals us its soul only little by little. 7 October In Dendera we meet the female energy from the mother goddess Hathor. Hathor is often depictured as a beautifull slim woman wearing a headdress of cow horns and a sundisk.
Each year, during a special festivity, a lot of statues were placed on the roof of the temple
to load the energy of the sungod Ra. Between the festivals they were stored in a place under the temple.
We can visit this place and it breath’s a very special energy. 8 and 9 October You have the choice between giving yourself a day of rest or join us to visit the west side of the Nile. At the Westbank, a lot of tombs are located in several valleys. The most famous ones are the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Nobles. You find also the impressive Colossi of Memnon and the Habu temple. Too much to visit them all, but you can be sure we will visit those places that will fit with the energy of our group. 10 October Time to go back to Belgium.

We fly on Aswan and return from Luxor. 
Everyone books his/her own flight.

For more information: Veerle: 0032479/68.83.07 or by mail: –

Horus oog


In March 2019 a first tour to Egypt was created!
I formulated the athmosphere of this tour like this:
Coming home to yourself
Experiencing that we are connected with force fields
That we ourselves, are a powerfull field and source

We travelled to Caïro to visit the pyramids, the Caïro Museum and Muizz Street. Our next stop was Tell El Amarna, called Akhetaton in the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.
The final stop was Abydos, one of Ancient Egypt's most sacred pilgrimages. It was an amazing tour, that not only gave us beautiful pictures, but also nourished us on many levels. Egypt is still inspiring!!

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