Next tour: 5 – 14 March 2020: Cairo – White Desert – Luxor

Attention: the date of this trip has changed.

Ancient Egypt gives you a deep experience of oneness from body, soul and spirit. 

The Egyptians knew about this oneness and from this consciousness they created temples and tombs.
It is these holy places with powerful energies that we will visit together. We will visit them, knowing that our cells will resonate, that deep within us, there might be activated an inner knowing and that our souls, who are always connected with the light, will experience the feeling of coming home.

During the meditations, we allow the mind to be peaceful and we give ourselves the possibility to open our hearts.

You are welcome to go on the path to your essence with a group of like-minded people.

Day by day:
Mar 5:
Arrival at Cairo: pick up from the airport to the hotel.

Mar 6:
Visit the Great Pyramids and the great Sphinx.
Visit the oldest pyramids, the Saqqara Pyramids group.

Mar 7: 
Visit the Egyptian Museum

Mar 8:
Moving early to the desert to the Bahariya oasis. 
After breakfast, enjoy local tours to the hill top ruin ‘the English House’. Then transfer to the Museum of Golden Mummies, Tombs of the Nobles, Alexander Temple, and Temple of Ain Meffetla. Lunch in Bahariya.
Head to the White Desert, passing through the Black Desert and the Valley of El Haize with its famous spring. Stop to see the quartz crystal at Crystal Mountain, the rocky formation in the Valley of Agabat.
Spend the night camping in White Desert, whatching the bright sky and the stars.

Mar 9:  Farafra and Dakhla oasis:
Drive to Farafra Oasis where you can enjoy Bir Setah hot spring as well as local artist Badr’s unique mud brick museum. From Farafa to Dakhla is about 3 hours driving. Upon arrival, enjoy a trip to the Roman temple Deir El Hagar in its serene surroundings and the Roman burial ground Mezzawaqqa. Then pay a visit to Islamic Village of Al Qasr, about 35 km from Mut, house ruins of an Ayubid mosque. Enjoy the amazing sunset view. Spend the night camping in Dakhla.

Mar 10: Kharga Oasis: 
After breakfast transfer to Kharga Oasis to visit Qasr El Labkha – a Roman fortress on the old caravan route – and the oasis’ ethnic museum. Afterwards, visit the Roman Temple of Hibis & Nadura from the outside as well as the early Christian cemetery with its chapels painted with murals at Bagawat, nearby. Finally, visit the Temple of Dush, dedicated to Isis and Serapis. Spend the night camping in Kharga.      

Mar 11:
After breakfast, transfer to Luxor; it takes about 6 hours driving.

Mar 12:
Visit Karnak and Luxor temple.
Spend the night in Luxor. 

Mar 13: 
Visit the valley of the Kings, the temple of Habu and the Colossi of Memnon. 

MAR 14:
Departure to Luxor airport.

Golden masc Tutankhamon
Golden throne Tutankhamon
Sitting scribe
Goddess Serket
King Tut's chariot
Egyptian museum
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Drink the energy of the Pyramids and the great Sphinx.

Always new, always beyond, always shining.

Visiting Caïro for two days:

Visit to the Pyramides of Gizeh and Sakkhara
Visit to the Egyptian museum

itinerary desert trip
White desert
White desert
White desert
Kharga oasis
White desert
Kharga oasis
Temple in the desert
Baharia oase
Baharia oasis
Camp White Desert
Milky way - White Desert
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The beauty of the White Desert
We will visit the oases of Baharia, Dakhla and Kharga


 To be in the desert and tasting its spirit,
To visit, even there, temples and tombs,
To be able to watch the stars on heaven,
All this will refresh ourselves deeply.


Obelisk Luxor
Karnak temple
Karnak temple
Karnak temple
Habu temple
Habu temple
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The inner wealth of Luxor.

We will visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor.
We will go to westbank and visit the valley of the kings, the Memnon statues and the Habu temple.


Details about the price will follow soon.

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