Younes Azzam

Khepr Cartouche


Khepr in ancient Egyptian language means to rise, to be, incarnate.Khepri is the symbol of resurrection, transformationand new beginnings in Ancient Egypt. The scarab played an important role in ancient Egyptian myths.The scarab pushed every day for the sun to rise.Every day the sun spreads her energy to planet Earthkeeping the world alive, giving life.  Khepri …

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Winged sun in Habu temple

The winged sun

There was a time when the gods ruled the lands.Ancient Egypt has many myths from that time.Such is the myth of the Winged sun. When the bad, represented by god Seth, started to overcome the good, represented by Horus, they had several battles. In one of the greatest battles Horus lost his eye. He became …

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The light and creation

The light and creation

If we sail in ancient religion, we will find exceptional knowledge.The creation myth describes how the world remained in darkness before the sun had risen from under the water. The creator first created with light.Light… What a beautiful word.The light is so vast, so immense, so indescribable that nothing is able to express its whole …

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