Dive into the light

The pyramids, you saw them so often on pictures.
Now you are here, eye to eye with the Sphinx.
A pyramid view from your balcony…

Your heart starts to sing. Your daily train of thoughts stop. You feel yourself surrounded by the environment.

Here starts our trip. A journey that leads us to three special places: the pyramids from Giseh and Sakkara,  Akhetaton (the current city Al Amarna) and the pilgrimage place of Abydos with the beautiful temple of  Seti I and the Osirion.


We start our trip by visiting the pyramids in Giseh, traditionally seen as the origin of the light.
As we see the pyramids as the beginning, we can see Amarna as the highest point of the light. We will tell you everything about this precious city, build by Akhenaten and Nefertiti. 
Our third stop, Abydos, can be seen as the end of the cycle.  The sun goes down and takes a jump in the underworld of Osiris.
After that, a new day begins and so we will return to Giseh as a symbolical re-rise.

During this trip, which is called ‘ dive into the light’, we get a chance to absorb the atmosphere of different places we will visit. Beside what we see, we like to let sing your hearts by stories and myth’s of Ancient Egypt./we like to give you a light experience by telling the stories and myth’s of Ancient Egypt.

Offerings for the Iten

The story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

We are in the 18th dynasty. King Amenhotep III reigned with queen Tiye. It was a time of expansion. Big new temples and monuments were build. The priests were powerful.
But, did their knowledge still served the people? Did they act from purity? Or did they care more about their own power?

What we know is that Amenhotep IV, his son, later named Akhenaten, turned his back on the priests and moved to a virgin piece of land to create a new capital: Akhet-aten, the horizon of the Aten, now known as  Al Amarna. 

Akhenaten and Nefertiti felt that new light frequencies were willing to enter the planet, as if the heavenly Source opened herself deeper. They knew – to be a conductor of this new light frequencies – they had to create something completely different. That’s why they left Luxor and the powerful priests of Amun and build a city of light.

By visiting the remainings of the city we will enter deep into there story. 

Day by day:

5/11: Arrival at the airport of Cairo and transfer to the hotel in Giseh.

6/11: Visit Giseh area, the pyramids and the Sphinx. After lunch we will visit as one of the first, the GEM, the great Egyptian museum. (expected opening:  Septembre 2021). In the evening, we enjoy ‘the pyramid Sound and Light show’ from the roof of our hotel.

7/11: Visit Sakkara area. After lunch we move to El Minya, a trip from about 4 or 5 hours.

8/11: Visit Al Amarna, the royal tomb and other tombs and the remainings of the temples and palaces. 

9/11: Visit the surroundings of the city, the Stelae, Bani Hassan and Bahassna Barsa. In Beni Hassan we will visit the serapeum with mummy’s of hundreds of baboons and ibises, referring to the god Toth. 

10/11: Visit Ashmonen, also known as Hermopolis magna. Here we visit the open air museum. After lunch we will leave for Abydos. 

11/11: Visit  the healing  temple of Abydos and the outside of the Osirium.

12/11: Take the train back to Cairo. As this is a long trip, we will not put anything else on our program. Coming back to the pyramids, we feel satisfied.

13/11: Visit the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization where the mummy’s reside. After lunch we wander around in old Cairo and look for treasures in the souks.

14/11: Time to fly back to Belgium.


Abydos temple, the land of the seven sanctuary.
In this  temple we find seven sanctuary, representing seven rays of light.
Beside the temple there is the Osiron, the symbolical tomb of Osiris, the god of the underworld. 
Osiris soul is the night. We can experience his soul-experience and find light in the darkness.


Practical information:

The flight: ieder boekt zijn eigen vlucht.
De heenvlucht is de vlucht van  Egyptair MS726 vertrekkende vanuit Brussel om 15.20. aankomend in Caïro om 20.35.
De terugvlucht is de vlucht van Egyptair MS725 vertrekkende vanuit Caïro om 10.35, aankomend in Brussel om 14.20.

De prijs voor deze reis bedraagt:

Inbegrepen in de prijs:
Ontbijt en lunch 

Niet inbegrepen:
Avondmaal (voor 5 à 10 euro kan je al goed eten in Egypte)
Visa bij aankomst in de luchthaven (25 euro)
Fooien voor chauffeur, kamermeisje, toiletbezoek, gids, … 
Optioneel te bezoeken:  de binnenkant van de grote piramide van Gizeh: 23 euro