Dive into the light

Now you are here, eye to eye with the Sphinx.
A pyramid view from your balcony…

Your heart starts to sing. Your daily train of thoughts stop. You feel yourself surrounded by the environment.

Here starts our trip. A journey that leads us to the many highlights of ancient Egypt…


Our program:

26/11: : Arrival at the airport of Cairo and transfer to the hotel in Gisa.

27/11: Visit Gisa area, the pyramids and the Sphinx. After lunch we will visit as one of the first, the GEM, the great Egyptian museum. Take already a look at the website from the new museum.. (expected opening:  autumn 2021). In the evening, we enjoy ‘the pyramid Sound and Light show’ from the roof of our hotel.

28/11: Visit Sakkara area where we find the pyramid of Djoser. IT is build with 6 steps, symbolizing the way to heaven. After lunch there is optional the possibility to go to ‘old Cairo‘ and visit the religious center. Here we find the Coptic churches next to the synagogue and the mosques..Here we can find some shops for souvenirs too.

29/11: Visit to the new National museum of Egyption civilisation. In this museum you can find the mummy’s. Clik here to visit the website from the museum. After lunch we move to El Minya, a trip from about 4 or 5 hours by train. Arriving at the hotel, you can take a jump into the pool!

30/11: Visit El Amarna, originaly called Akhetaton. The whole city has still the frequency of one big temple. We will visit the royal tomb and other tombs and the remainings of the temples and palaces. 

1/12: Visit the surroundings of the city. We will visit a huge Stelae with a beautiful statue of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. After this we dive into the Greek Roman period of Egypt. After lunch we leave for Abydos. A trip from about 4 till 5 hours by car. Also here there is waiting a refreshing pool in the hotel!

2/12: Visit  the healing  temple of Abydos. Abydos was a place of pilgrimage and a healing temple. you find not one sanctuary, but seven. We dive into the symbolic of seven, strongly present in ancient Egypt. We will also visit the Osirium from the outside. After lunch we continue our trip to Luxor. This will take us about 3 till 4 hours.

3/12: In Luxor we visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor. We can take a look in a traditional souk

4/12: Visit to the westbank of Luxor. We can go by bike to the valley of the kings and the valley of the Nobels. On our way we see the big Memnon statues. We descend into the wisdom of the tombs. We feed us for a last time with all that ancient Egypt has to offer us.

5/12: Time to fly back to Belgium.

This tour we use the symbolique of the sun and his cycle of the sun.
We can see the Pyramids as ‘the origin‘ and the starting point of the rising sun.
We can full ourselves with the energies of a new day.
El Amarna was such a special in history and we see it as the sun on its highest point. The knowledge of the source was very strong at that time. We will tell you passionately about this city build by Akhenaten and Nefertiti. 
Abydos can be seen as the end of a cycle. The sun goes down again and takes a dive into the underworld of Osiris.
After this cycle we move to Luxor, ‘a must be’. In this city sunrise and sunset are symbolized in the two sides of the river. The eastbank and the westbank.
Entering in the myths and stories we bring you into contact with Ancient Egypt and with your own multidimensional aspect.

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Practical information:

9-days tour to the highlights of Egypte. From 26 of November to 5 December 2021

For the flight:  each one books his own flight. For those who comes from Belgium or close to Belgium we suggest: 
the flight from Egyptair MS726 from Brussels at 15.20, arriving to Caïro at 20.35.
In the way back: the flight from Egyptair MS 63 from Luxor at 8.25. Followed by the flight from Egyptair MS725 from Cairo at 10.35 and arriving to Brussels at 14.20.

The price is depending from the size of the group: 
1250 euro: for a group between 6 to 8 persons
1150 euro for a group between 9 to 10 persons
Supplement single room: 175 euro

Breakfast and lunch 
Daily bottle of water
Most of the tickets
All transfers

Not included:
Your flight
Dinner (for 5 till 10 euro you can already eat well in Egypt)
Visa by arriving in the airport (25 euro)
The optional visit to old Cairo
Tips for the driver, the roomcleaning, toilet, guide,… 
Optional tickets like the insight of the great pyramid (11 euro) and the tomb of Toetanchamon (17 euro).
Since the opening of the GEM has postponed already many times, we did not yet included this ticket (22 euro)