Egypt by Sound!

Would you like to experience Egypt in a completely different way? Then join us for our evenings 'Egypt by sound'.
We bring a sound healing meditation where we intuitively bring hymns and temples back to life with our music.

We tune into different hymns or temples of ancient Egypt and intuitively let sounds arise through our voice and with different instruments. The music is in the Abydos scale, which immediately brings us into the atmosphere of ancient Egypt.

Who are "we"? 

The sound evenings are brought by Gebriële Delanote and Veerle Wauters.
Gabriële Delanote is a professional cellist.
Veerle Wauters works as a therapist in her own practice and organizes Egypt tours.
Together we followed the Pansori Living Sound training in 2018. A training in which we learn to use the human voice as a healing instrument. In Pansori, we learn to listen to the sounds that wish to be expressed. When we also discovered the same passion and sense of ancient Egypt, we joined forces and these unique sound evenings.

Listen to this short excerpt:

There are no sound meditations scheduled at the moment.

How does the sound meditation speak to you?

In a natural way, the sounds will reach you.
They touch you and reveal a distant past and an inner wisdom. They bring healing, deep relaxation and re-membering.
If you have any affinity for Egypt, your soul will resonate and your heart will rejoice!

The importance of sound in ancient Egypt

Sound and music played an important role in ancient Egypt and were both closely interwoven with everyday life, as well as with religious rituals and healing. Music was used in storytelling, myths and legends. Music was also considered a way to honor the gods, and played an important role in various rituals. Further, the Egyptians already knew the power of sound in emotional healing and how sound can bring us into a unified field with our spiritual capacities and open us to our multidimensional selves. Sound helps in our deep relaxation and in feeling "at home" within ourselves.

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Do you have questions? Would you like to host one of these evenings?

Wondering about our sound healing meditations or would you like to invite us to your home or a space near you? Feel free to get in touch by the contact page or call us directly at 0032479/68.83.07.

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