Fayoum and the pyramides

Discover the wisdom and the vastness of your heart

Fayoum and the pyramides: 20 till 28 October '23

Are you looking for a journey that connects you deeply with yourself and with your inner knowing,
and this in the unique setting of the pyramids and the desert?
Our journey to Fayoum and the pyramids leads us to our own unique wisdom and to our heart frequency.
You will find these elements in the journey:
– the pyramids
– the Coptic monasteries
– the unseen beauty of the Fayoum oasis
– hopefully the new museum in Giseh!
– yoga and meditation for the enthusiasts
– the strength and support of a small group of like-minded people.

The entire trip will take place within a radius of about 200 km around Cairo. 
So no long distance travel.
If this offer resonates with you, please contact us by mail or phone: 0479/68.83.07.

What to expect on this journey:

More then only the famous pyramids!

The pyramids of Giseh and the Sphinx remain a breathtaking highlight. We stay in a hotel, with a view of the pyramids and this is an experience that will stay with you for a long time. 
Besides the pyramids of Giseh, we also explore: the red pyramid, the unfinished pyramid and the pyramid of Sakkara. We are immersed in the world and reality of the pyramids. We get to places where you won’t see another tourist around you….
Our guide, with his knowledge and deep sense of ancient Egypt, takes us deeper into the wonderful world of the pyramids.

The Fayoum desert and oasis!

Less than a 2-hour drive from Cairo is a wonderful nature reserve called Fayoum. In the wide desert, you suddenly come to an oasis with a lake and waterfalls! Magical place. Depending on the group we spend the night in tents or in a base camp. 

Monastery of archangel Gabriel

The magic of old monasteries and mosques

The land of ancient temples also has mosques, churches and monasteries that can be inspiring In Cairo, we visit the Mohamed Ali Mosque and the religious neighborhood. 
About 100 km from Cairo, we visit several monasteries and churches in Wadi Natrun.

Transformational journeys

The combination of visiting power places and creating inner space through on-site meditation and yoga, makes our trip a gem for our hearts.
We also take time to truly become a group.
What lives in each of us?
What processes are we going through?
How do we experience the power fields of ancient Egypt?
Meditating together, with sounds song by Veerle, gives us even more this deep togetherness feeling. For the fans, there is regular yoga. 

How others experienced the journey:

Giseh from on the dromedary ...

The energy of the Sphinx in Giseh was intense. Younes arranged the ride on the dromedary because my knees didn’t want to go. Special too to see the pyramids of Sakkara out from Giseh like this. 
For me, the three days in the Fayoum valley were about being at one with nature. The Abdella, Bedouin guide let us experience how they make food in this rough nature, how they hide from the heat, and how the Egyptians live there now.
Special to be a part of all this.

The power of mummies ...

In the museum I felt that I could go down. Arriving at the mummies, I was allowed to receive a wonderful energy. A group of noisy tourists came by. The assistants tried to make them quiet. But the powerful energy continued to flow undisturbed through my chakras. What a beautiful experience to be allowed to connect without words and without actions.








Practical information

The program day by day:

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo and transfer to our hotel or villa
Day 2: Visit to Sakkhara pyramid and pyramids in the neighbourhoud
Day 3: Visit to the museum of civilization and Mohammed Ali castle and mosque or the new great museum in Giseh.
Day 4: Visit to the great pyramids of Giseh
Day 5: Visit to the Coptic monasteries and transfer to Fayoum
Day 6: Our trip to Fayoum begins
Day 7: Fayoum
Day 8: Fayoum and transfer to hotel in Cairo, Giseh or Sakkara
Day 9: Flight back to Belgium 

Included in the price:

All accommodation 
The entrance fees
All transfers
Breakfast, lunch and water

Not included:

– The flight: each person books their own flight.
– Dinner: At the Fayoum oasis, dinner is included. The other days are not. Since we often eat our lunch quite late, not everyone needs a full dinner in the evening. Therefore, we do the evening meal separately.
– Drinks with the meals
– Visa on arrival at the airport (25 euro’s)
– Tips for driver, chambermaid, toilet visits, guide, … 
– Optional visits like the inside of the great pyramid of Giseh (count on a 25 euros) or the inside of the Sakkhara pyramid. 

Last year we were able to offer this trip for 1475 euros based on a double room. The price for the 2023 trip will be calculated later because the Egyptian pound is fluctuating a lot.