Tast the energy of the temple and dive into your personal journey

Online temple meditation:

On Sunday evening, February 26, 2023, at 8 p.m., we will host our third online temple meditation. This time we will connect us with Hathor and the temple of Dendera.

When I was enjoying myself on a dance workout song, my thoughts suddenly went to Dendera and the Hathor temple, the temple where dance and music were very important. The female temple of love and sensuality.
I realized: Dendera is a must on our list of temple meditations.

Join us on this inner journey!

The meditation is online. After registering, you will receive the link.
Free contribution: target amount between 11 and 22 euros.

Dendera tempel

Online temple meditation:

On Sunday evening, we will host our  online temple meditation where we will connect to the Philae temple at Aswan.
Date will be anounced soon.

The Isis temple in the middle of the Nile is of mythical significance. The temple is the essence of all that Isis holds: protection, healing, mother, ….
And, the temple is also a womb where the sacred unity of Isis and Osiris resides. A throne of light and unity in the heart of the Nile. 
Explore the mysteries of Philae temple through this journey to the heart of the temple.

The meditation is online. You will receive the link after registration.
Free contribution: directional fee between 11 and 22 euros.