TOUR 8-15 OCTOBER 2020

Are you longing to tranquility and peace in an inspiring surroundings, which brings you in deeper contact with yourself?
From 8 – 15 October 2020 you are welcome to travel with us 
to Luxor, to take a Nile cruise from 3 or 4 days and to go
direction Aswan.

The Nile, how mythical he always was for the Egyptians!
The boat gives us enjoyable views, sunsets, swimming pool…
After visiting Aswan, we come back by train to Luxor, where we will stay in a villa with private pool and beautiful roof.

This tour will give you all the elements to relax and at the same time discover the magnificence of Egypt in a group of like-minded people. 

Younes, our Egyptian guide, will guide us in the temples and tombs. He knows the art to take us in a world that let sing his own soul.
He knows which places are sacred places with powerful energies. He will guide us out of a deep respect for Ancient Egypt.

In the evening there is possibility to meditate. We allow the mind to be peaceful and we give ourselves the possibility to connect with the oneness-field in and around us.


The exact price is  not yet known but will be between 950 and 1050 euro. Addition of 100 euro for single room.

All accommodations
Entrance tickets
Transportation. The transportation from and to the airport can be additional depending to the hours of arrival.
Breakfast and lunch

Not included:
3 times dinner (between 5 and 10 euro you have good dinner in Egypt)
Visa by arrival: 25 euro
Tips: take enough money for tips. People normally can not live from there salary and are depending from tips.
Optional visits: 
The tomb of Tutanchamon: 15 euro
Your flight to Luxor and back.

For this trip we ask an additional health assurance.


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Some temples we will visit

The temples from Luxor and Karnak

In the middle of the centre of Luxor, completely embedded in the city now a day, we find the temple of Luxor. It was Amenhotep 3 who started building it. We discover there the birth chamber of the king en the meaningful myth who goes with it. Those myths let us ponder on our own origin. Who are we in essence? We also find an offer room to honor Osiris, the god of resurrection. This temple shows us how divine energy can integrate on an harmonious way in the human. On the same day, we can visit the temple complex of Karnak. During centuries and centuries, kings built on this impressive site. Karnak is associated with the god Amon, the god of shadow. But Karnak goes much more beyond than this.
You might see Karnak as a cosmic gate, so transcending that it reveals us its soul only little by little.

Still in Luxor, in the middle of nowhere, we find a pearl in the desert. It is a small, but well saved little Isis temple. You will not find the big tour operators here.

The temples of Edfu and Kom Ombu

The temple of Edfu is dedicated to the god Horus. We meet the winged sun in this temple, the symbol of togetherness of the god Horus with the sun god Ra.
In the winged sun, we meet the female aspect of Horus. It brings us closer to the beautiful oneness that appears when male and female energy are in balance. The temple of Kom Ombo is a a-typical temple, dedicated to two gods: Horus, symbolized as a falcon and Sobek, symbolized as a crocodile. This temple brings us beyond the duality of good an bad, to the harmany that arises when light and dark may exist one beside the other.

The Westbank

Beside the visit of the temples, we find in the Westbank the tombs. The afterlife. They are located in several valleys. The most famous ones are the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens
and the Valley of the Nobles.
You find there also the impressive Colossi of Memnon and the Habu temple.
There is too much to visit it all, but you can be sure we will visit those places that will fit with the energy of our group.