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The peaceful Nile
March 19 to 27, 2023. Our trip with the Dahabiya sailboat in Egypt.Travel with us for a while through...
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After corona: yes, we can travel again!
We had an exclusive and fascinating journey … We are so grateful that we joined. Younes guided us...
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White desert
White desert: March 2020
March 2020, a month who will be inscriped in our collective memory.Just before all corona measures, we...
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Tomb of Akhenaten
Our first trip: March 2019
In March 2019 a first tour to Egypt was created! I formulated the athmosphere of this tour like this:...
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Karnak temple entrance
Luxor: 3 till 10 October 2019
Arriving to Luxor, visiting all this beauty. Temples and tombs is always so refreshing. So profound and...
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