Private visit Osireion

Unique private visit to the Osireion in Abydos, 
31 October 2023.  

Join us and build with us an energetic field to exchange with the old wisdom. 

 Who are we?

 We are a small group of people seeking to connect with the deep consciousness of the ancient Egyptian wisdom. We would love to visit the Osireion and we invite more people to join us. 

 What can you expect?

Visiting this holy place will lead you deeply into your own wisdom and your own sacred vibration. 
The Osireion is a gate and the gateway energy is very strong there.
It is a place where you are uplifted in this energy. 
It is a place were all your subtle bodies can come into unity.
This private visit gives us really all the time we need, to be emerged and fed by the frequency of the place and we can feel free to do rituals and singing together how we feel it.

Why is the Osireion so important? How the ancient Egyptians saw the mystery of Osiris and the Osireion?

Osiris represents the good and the eternity. 
 When Osiris had been murdered by his brother Seth, something specific happened. 
 By his death he made a strong passage to the afterlife. He made a gate, a portal. This why is said that Osiris is the lord of the underworld.

The Osireion is seen as the symbolic tomb of Osiris. It is seen as this gateway. 
 To be able to cross to the eternal life, it was important to unite the different subtle body’s: the k3, b3, Akh and kht. Osireion is a place that unites.

The Osireion also represents the beginning and the end.

The first construction of the Osireion represents the place where the soul of Osiris emanated and the water of the eternal ocean before the creation of life started. 
 The second part represents the body of Osiris, which has a strong energy of the gate of the underworld. it lifts you above the dimensions of time and space and the soul can experience the crossing to the gate of the second life realm.

The third part represents the whole journey to the gates of the second life, while the building itself represents the last distance of this life.
 Osireion is the oldest temple is Egypt and has been called by Lockyer, pioneers of archaeoastronomy, One of the holiest places in Egypt from the very earliest of times. 

Our guides

Our guides will be Younes Azzam, tour guide and Egyptologist with a strong intuitive link with Ancient Egypt and Veerle Wauters.
 Younes will feed you with his wise words and Veerle will guide you with her sounds into deeper silence and meditation. 


31 October 2023. Departure by taxi is possible out of Luxor at 6 AM.

Is this offer calling you? 

Contact us by mail or call 0032479.68.83.07

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