Taste the peacefulness of the Nile.

On this trip you can 
Find peace and recharge yourself.
Reconnect with nature, with the water , the sun, the fields.
Visiting the old temples and breath their mystical wisdom.

Allowing the healing of your own inner being and connect with cosmic dimensions.
Allowing your soul to sing and be reborn as a butterfly… 


We go a board to a small dahabiya (boat), where we will stay with our own group. This will be the place where we feel at home for the next 7 days.
Here we become one with the landscape, we feel the Nile and taste the delicious Egyptian food.
Regularly we take a refreshing dive in the Nile.

We start our trip in Aswan, here we visit the well known temple for Isis, the Philae temple.
Then we move in the direction of Luxor and we visit some of the known and lesser known places and temples like Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Gebel el -Silsila…
In Luxor we visit -at the east bank- the temples of Luxor and Karnak. At the west bank, we find the valley of the kings and queens, Habu temple, Ramesseum, the new found golden city of Amenthotep III, the famous Memnon statues and so much more.
Luxor has a lot of treasures. Unfortunately we can not visit them all, but we will feel what suits best to the group and the moment.
In the afternoon, we will get regular initiations about the seven energies of the gates, the symbols and amulets of the old Egyptians. 
During our trip, we make time to come together and share our talents. Maybe someone likes to organize a yoga session in the morning or someone else likes to offer a creative workshop in the afternoons. 
In the evening we can meditate on the boat or on one of the small islands on the Nile

‘The seven gates’, the red line throughout our trip.
The wisdom and the meaning of the ‘gates’ belongs to the mystical knowledge from ancient Egypt.
You can find it in the tombs, the temples and the writings. It’s also related to the knowledge that we have from India about the chakras.
Each day of our trip will be in light of one of the chakras. We will learn several Egyptians symbols, who will support the energy in this chakra.
Every chakra on its own is a gate, an entrance to a bigger dimension of being. The balance and the force fields of all chakras together work as a matrix.

Deep wisdom, you will only find it within yourself and this journey offers you all the elements to support this process. Find inner peace and discover yourself in a new way.

This trip will take place from 7 till 15 October 2021
Every participant books his or her own flight depending the country you come from.

The price of the trip will be announced soon.

Feel free to contact me in case of any additional questions. My number is 0032.479/68.83.07 or on facebook ‘rising Egypt’.