The peaceful Nile

Find peace and recharge yourself

The peaceful Nile

Find peace and recharge yourself

Sailing on the Nile: 19-27 March 2023

In this trip – finding peace and contact with yourself – are a natural process.
The nature, the water, the sun, the fields, are our environment for some days.
We take time to visit the old temples and breath their mystical wisdom.
We allow the healing of your own inner being and we connect with cosmic dimensions which were so familiar for the ancient Egyptians
We let our soul sing and be reborn as a butterfly… 

What may you expect in this trip:

Sailing on the Nile

We go a board to a small dahabiya (boat), where we will stay with our own group. This will be the place where we feel at home for the next 5 days. Here we become one with the landscape, we feel the Nile and taste the delicious Egyptian food.

Relaxing on dahabiya
Visit the ancient temples

In Luxor we will visit the temples from  Karnak and Luxor, the valley of the kings, the Memnon statues and some more less known places.  On our way we will visit:  - Esna temple - the beautiful temple of Edfu, dedicated to Horus - the temple and tombs of El Selssila - Kom Ombo temple: dedicated to Sobek and also to Horus - Philae temple in Aswan, dedicated to Isis - in Aswan we can optionaly visit the  'Nubian Village' or the highdam or the unfinished obilisk In all these places we receive professional Egyptological explanation form our guide in English.

Abu Simbel

Those who like, can visit the amazing temple of Abu Simble, a daytrip through the desert. Did you know that beside the famous temple for Ramses, there is a temple for Nefertari, the royal wife from Ramses. It is place with a holy silence in it?

Abu simbel Rising Egypt
Refreshing meditations, yoga and the power of being in a small group of special people.

Sailing is such a great way to come to a deeper rest in yourself.  Add to this some yoga and meditation, and you can guess that this trip leads you to a transformational journey.  What do you like to transform in your life? In what do you like to bring more flow?  What emotion is not in balance in your life and you like to take steps in it ? Take all this with you, when entering this special journey. The power of the group carries us and Egypt gives us a deepening of the heart and soul.

Practical information

The program day by day:

19 March: Arrival at Luxor and transportation to the hotel.
20 March: Visit of the west bank of Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Habu Temple, Valley of the Nobles or other visits in the valley, depending on the energy of the group and what is needed. We sleep at the hotel.
21 March: Visit of Karnak temple and Luxor temple. We move to Esna and embark on the Dahabiya.
22 March: Visiting Esna temple. We continue sailing towards Edfu and visit the temple.
23 March: Sail to Gebel el Silsila and visit this beautiful site.
24 March: We sail towards Kom Ombo and visit the temple.
25 March: Arrival at Aswan. Visit of Philae temple. In Aswan we can also visit the unfinished obelisk, the high dam, the Nubian village (very beautiful!) We will make a selection with the group.
26 March: Optional day trip to Abu Simbel.
27 March: Return flight to Belgium.

The price for this trip:

– 2400 euros for a group of 5 or 6 people
Based on a double room. 60 euro extra for single room

Included in the price:

– All accommodation
– The entrance fees
– All transfers
– All meals
– Water
– The small tips in between and for the hotel

Not included:

– Flight: each person books their own flight.

– Drinks at meals on days 2 and 8. On the boat all drinks are included except alcoholic ones.

– Visa on arrival at the airport (25 euros).

– Tips for boat staff and the guide

– Optional visits such as:
     The inside of Tutanchamon’s tomb
     Other activities such as a balloon ride.
     The day trip to Abu Simble: 100 euros.

If this trip interests you, feel free to call for a free phonecall: 00.32.479.68.83.07 or mail to
It is my honour to meet you!