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Thot: god of wisdom
When Egypt calls you...

When Egypt calls…

Do you feel a long-time desire to visit Egypt?
To travel to  the land with deep origin,  a source of light, wisdom and magic.
Would you like to taste  and  breath it, to feed yourself with it?
Would you like to stay in authentic places and enjoy the delicious Egyptian food?
Then Rising Egypt is the place for you!
We travel in small group and discover the magic of Egypt.
We also have an offer of individual trips.


Fayoum and the piramides:

Do you like to combine Ancient Egypt and some days in the desert. Then this trip will warm your heart. The whole trip is within 200 km of Cairo. So no long distances to travel

Fayoum Egypt

The peaceful Nile:

Is it one of your dreams to sail with a Dahabiya sailboat upon the Nile? We offer a trip in a small group, visiting daily the temples on our road; becoming one with the peaceful Nile… Come along from 15 till 24 March 2024.

Gedragen door de Nijl

Individual trips:

Build your own trip, always assured of the professional guiding of Younes, who cares for you from the moment of arrival in the airport until your departure.

Abu simbel Rising Egypt
Nubian Village Aswan
Fishing in the Nile
memnon statues

Through online meditations, the heart of Egypt comes to you and brings you to your own inner temple.
Join us on this inner journey!

The meditations are online. After registering, you will receive additional information and the link.

When egypt calls you…

Rising Egypt arose from our passion to bring people into contact with Egypt, the country many of us share a bond with. 
Respecting the beauty and the power that still is present, with space for meditation and inner growth.
We travel in small groups, mostly between 5 and 10 persons. 
We don’t try to put all of the treasures in one tour. Instead, we will show you some famous locations in addition to some less famous treasures. 
Every year, we offer two group tours, one in spring and one in autumn. Another possibility is to compose your own individual trip or come with your own group.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.