Compose your own trip.
We have for you an exclusive offer with great possibilities to create your own trip to Egypt.

Do you prefer to travel low budget, using cosy 3 stars hotels and cheaper transportation?
Or do you prefer to travel in style, with assurance of your comfort?
Do you prefer a short trip to the same place, or do you prefer a trip, where you can see as much as
 possible of the treasures of Egypt?
Build your own trip, always assured of the professional guiding of Younes, who cares for you
from the moment of arrival in the airport until your departure.

Cairo and more
Luxor and more
Aswan by cruise
Visit El Amarna

Cairo and more:

Thinking on Cairo is thinking on the Pyramids and the great Sphinx; allow yourself to be amazed by these magnificent structures

Discovering the inside. Feeling the energy. Feeling the power.
And Cairo has more!
There is the amazing Egyptian museum. The old and futuristic new complex.
There is the religious center of Cairo, where you find Coptic churches, mosques and Jewish synagogue.
Also you will find the Mohamed Ali Castle.
Extend your visit to Cairo with: 
– A trip to the white desert
– A domestic flight to Abydos, one of the most sacred cities of Ancient Egypt
– A domestic flight to Aswan, visit Aswan and optional Abu Simble and take a cruise to Luxor
– A domestic flight to Luxor

There are many possibilities to compose a fantastic trip to amazing Egypt.


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Luxor and more

Discover the unendless beauty of Luxor.
One city, so many faces, so much depth.

Visit with us the temples of Luxor and Karnak.
Explore the Sacred Mountain from the Westbank.
The tombs in the Valley of the kings, the valley of the queens, the nobles, the workers.
Visit Habu temple, Ramesseum, the memnon statue’s.

Breathe the power, breathe the beauty.

If you have little time a 5 day visit to Luxor is perfect.
More time: combine your trip with:
– a visit to Dendera temple
– a visit to Edfu temple, Kom Ombo temple
– a cruise to Aswan, included Edfu en Kom Ombo
– a visit to Abydos

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Cruise to Aswan

Aswan is often visited by cruise. Starting from Aswan or Luxor. 
A 3 or 4 night cruise which visits the temples from Edfu and Kom Ombo which reside between the two cities.

In Aswan, in the middle of the Nile, you find the great temple of Philae, dedicated to goddess Isis. The spirit of this temple is the ‘magic’;
Isis is the goddess of magic.
Aswan is also known for the high dam and for the colorful Nubian villages.
From Aswan many tourists travel to Abu Simble by car, as an additional opportunity.

Abu Simble is located on the border between Egypt and Sudan.
It is here that King Ramses 2 showed his power.

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El Amarna - city of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

In Egyptian history, there is one period, which brought a great renewal into an Egypt that was becoming – let us say – almost corrupt under the power of a certain priesthood, the priesthood of Amun. 
Egypt needed to feel the light more pure again. And although misunderstood, it was Akhenaten and Nefertiti, who incarnated this purity back into the country. Purity and love.
After their death, the city was completely destroyed. But while visiting the remains, you can feel this beautiful spirit. 
The tomb of Akhenaten, will bring you in the field of infinity. 
A visit to Amarna is maybe more for those who watch with other eyes. For a classical tourist, there are possibly not enough remains.
We bring you there with a great passion for that time!

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