Enkele gedichten en teksten over het oude Egypte( nog geen Nederlandse vertaling beschikbaar):

– The Light and Creation
– The Lotus
– The winged Sun
– Khepr
– The mystery of Akhenaten and Nefertiti
– Magical spell during the mummification of the king

The light and creation
The light and creation

The Light and Creation:

If we sail in ancient religion, we will find exceptional knowledge.
The creation myth describes how the world remained in darkness before the sun had risen from under the water. The creator first created with light.
Light… What a beautiful word.
The light is so vast, so immense, so indescribable that nothing is able to express its whole meaning.
That’s why the ancient sailors used so many images to represent it.
We see how love is represented in Hathor, protection and healing powers in Isis, and how Maat represents the principle of universal harmony.
We find rising and resurrection in the scarab.
The sun disk represents the infinite energy of the creator. And there are many more images to be found in the Ancient Egypt religion.
But there is more. People had their own ways to connect with the light. We could call this ‘meditation’ now. They understood that part of them was pure light. And during their meditation, they fed themselves and their spirit with light.
The creator created light for you, for me, and we can use it today to find our true nature, to find inner peace and to raise our vibration.


The Lotus
The Lotus

The Lotus

In the beginning of creation, the spirits emanated from the light.
And light and peace was in and around them.
Somehow they couldn’t keep it and darkness started to rise,
in and around them…
When the great flood came, he washed and balanced dark and light again.
And from the underwater, the lotus rose.
The lost spirits could gather again in the circle of light.
Lotus is the source of the light.

The sacred lotus is known in many traditions.

Lotus is called
sshn in ancient Egypt representing the light, purity of the heart, tenderness, love, eternal peace and cleansing of the spirit from suffering.

Sshn is the queen of all flowers.
It’s essence is the sun rays holding the breath of life and light.
This spiritual flower makes the spirit rise on the stairs of the heaven
and opens the horizon of the spirit.

Do we recognise the same situation in our time?
Do we recognise the need of balance of dark and light?
Do we recognise the need of our spirit to connect with our own light, to find peace, purity in our heart, tenderness and love and yes, cleansing of the suffering of many incarnations?

Winged Sun

The winged Sun

There was a time when the gods ruled the lands.
Ancient Egypt has many myths from that time.
Such is the myth of the Winged sun.

When the bad, represented by god Seth, started to overcome the good, represented by Horus, they had several battles. In one of the greatest battles Horus lost his eye. He became weak and asked god Ra to help him.
In the beginning god Ra refused, but later he responded
and gave Horus the moon instead of his damaged eye,
and two wings to rise and feed his spirit from the source of the creation.
It is god Ra who controls the entire heavens.
Wings are the symbol of the rising, the Scarab as a symbol of the rising sun, and the wings as a symbol of god Horus.
Also used to offer the protection of the gates against bad spirits
from entering the temple, disturbing spiritual life in the temple,
and stop them outside of the temples.

Khepr Cartouche


Khepr in ancient Egyptian language means to rise, to be, incarnate.
Khepri is the symbol of resurrection, transformation
and beginnings in Ancient Egypt. 
The scarab played an important role in ancient Egyptian myths.
The scarab pushed every day for the sun to rise.
Every day the sun spreads her energy to planet Earth
keeping the world alive, giving life. 

Khepri was also therefore worshiped as a god in ancient Egypt. 

Picture: Cartouche of King Kheperkare, Senusret I, White Chapel of Senusret I, Karnak

Giving hands

The mystery of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

The mystery of a King and a Queen.
Who’s love generated oneness consciousness.
Who’s love generated vibes of pureness far beyond the borders of their city.
Misunderstood and destroyed.
Nevertheless still there.

Mummification scene

Magical formula during the mummification of the King.

Mw ik m ik
Mw ik m t3
Ik b3 m pt
Ik shm m pt

Your water is going back to you*
Your water is going back to the Earth
Your spirit is going to the heavens
Your spiritual body is going to the heavens

* When the king dies, he represents god Osiris, god of the Nile.
That is why is written: Your water is going back to you. Because the water will go back to the king as god Osiris, god of the Nile.

Een interessante site voor info rond het oude Egypte is: www.egyptologie.nl