The peaceful Nile, Nile cruise with a Dahabiya, March 2022

For the first time a Nile cruise with a Dahabiya sailboat. What a beautiful experience.

My personal experience:

What I personally really appreciate about this trip is that there was so much space for each person to "just be," to give attention to their own processes and have room for transformation, to just read a bit, or enjoy themselves in the hammock.

The boat is also the perfect setting to get to know each other in a casual way.

It became a very close group and everyone supported everyone else. The crew is just fantastic and they were there 100% for us. When we returned from our trips to the temples, they welcomed us with a drink. The food was delicious and the boat very clean.

Beyond that, I really enjoyed the group discussions, the meditations, the yoga avant la lettre (I was just in my training at the time...) On top of that, there is the magic of the temples. A more than successful trip!

The experience of one of the participants:

One more place is available...

"Sailing in a sailboat on the Nile, would you like that since there is still one place left?"
This is how my adventure began by chance. This trip was truly one of my best trips ever! A new world opened up to me through the mix of beautiful culture, cities, nature and incredibly special temples.

Our Egyptian guide Younes was with us on the boat throughout the trip to immerse and guide us in the ancient knowledge of Egypt. His knowledge and passion for the symbols and mysterious meanings behind the many wall drawings in the temples truly defied every imagination. Together with the crew of the boat, we had a lot of fun and were spoiled with delicious food every day while enjoying the many beautiful sunsets beyond the green banks of the Nile.

This trip offers so much in that you also get to know further the spiritual dimensions of yourself with a small group of people. From the beginning, there was a good connection within the group and we got to know each other very well. Each with his own talents, experience and knowledge, We did yoga and meditations every day. Our guide Veerle made sure that everything went smoothly during the trip and prior to the start by being well-prepared. In addition, Veerle is also a very warm and friendly person who also gave fine yoga and meditation sessions.  

Everything happens in a very relaxed atmosphere and the space on the boat allows you complete freedom to relax, enjoy and read the book you never got around to.

Another inspiring travel story:

My connection to Egypt

My connection with Egypt had fallen into the forgotten corner.
Until I remembered the Hathor energy in the Philae Temple and the Temple of Nefertare (Abu Simbel).
In these temples where the energy of unconditional love and life force is palpably present, I made contact again, since a long time ago, with the Goddess in myself. A gentle re-membering of a distant past where once the seeds of the present were planted. 

What made this trip so special for me was the peace of the sailboat on which we were able to return every time and which took us with the flow of the waters of the Nile.

'Carried by the Nile' but also carried by Veerle and Younes, who sensed exactly what the group but also each individual needed to see, feel and connect with what was to be activated.

Thank you, Veerle and Younes, this journey has set a lot in motion.

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