Philae tempel: een tempel van heling

Isis temple in Philae: a temple of healing

In the legend of the killing of Osiris, Osiris' body was cut into 40 pieces.
Isis spread her wings in ultimate protection to hold the throne of light on the island of Philae, at the heart of the sacred Nile which flows around the temple and is a constant zone of purification. 

This temple, which we call the house of Isis, the house of protection, is located near the island of Bija, where Isis soul invocation appears 18 times in the fullness of the moon. With her wings wildly spread, she carries the body of Osiris to the island. She then surrounds the entire island with her wings to form a throne of union between her and her husband, a unique spiritual union. The Nile is "in joy" and its waters flow and fertilize the black lands of Egypt. 

The Nile carries not only water but also the fertility of the union of Osiris with Isis. Since ancient times, the water of the Nile guaranteed the purification of all of Egypt. The annual flood was not a destructive flood, but a purification, a rage that transforms into pure green energy, the finest example of transformation.
The location of the temple also represents the symbolic tomb of Osiris in full protection of Isis, making the tomb a sacred union field of the feminine (Isis) and masculine (Osiris) energies in complete harmony. When you walk between the temple walls, your system feels this perfect harmony, the rich unity. 
 Isis takes your hands and places you between her wings. Her wings enclose many facets. Protective, healing, the wings of the mother.... 

We also find Isis in the scenes of the temple of Abydos. There Isis appears as a female falcon flying above the body of Osiris, invoking the lost part of his body, his penis, and coming to eternal spiritual unity. 
In the Book of the Underworld, we see Isis as a serpent. Here we see the union of two other realities. The heavenly cycle of life, which is symbolized in Ra, with the earthly cycle of life, which is symbolized in Osiris. Isis provides a safe place for this union. Isis has many faces and aspects: protection, healing, magic, purification, guardian of light. Tune in to find what you need at this time. Or simply surround yourself with this Isis energy and she will take care of you.

Let's go back to the temple of Philae. In the side of the temple we find the birth chamber of Horus, the falcon. Here you feel the absolute preparation of the king's human body as a vessel for divine energy. In this chamber, the human body gains greater strength and capacity to receive divine energy. This birth chamber reminds us of our own divine roots, coming from the light and returning to the light. The seven images of Hathor, just as they protected the birth of the king, also take our hand and guide us safely into the sanctuary, the heart of the temple. 

Touching the temple is also an opportunity for us to receive healing in the magical protection and wisdom of Isis and Osiris.

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