The tempel of the Sun

In the year 4500, King Ni-wser-Ra built the Temple of the Sun.
The temple was built to be the point of the king's ascension so that he could join Ra's eternal journey. The temple was the final point of the king's earthly journey and the beginning of his eternal journey in the world of luminous beings.
The location of the temple is unique because it corresponds to the star cluster Pleiades, the seven stars representing the seven Hathors.
The temple was a place of pilgrimage in ancient Egypt.
One of the prayers chanted was:

Peace be with you, O Great God, O Creator and Master of the Earth.
I have come to you. You are the holder of compassion, listen to my prayers and accept my supplications.
You are the One who created me and I am one of your servants.
Peace be with you. O Great God, God of truth.
I have come to you, my God, conscientious, to witness Your majesty.
I have come to You, my God, worshipping.
Following the truth, abandoning falsehood.
I haven't harmed anyone. I did not followed the paths of the misguided, nor did I break a promise or an oath.
I was not misled by the desires of this world and my hand did not reach for what was not mine. I was not a liar or disobedient.
I did not try to drive a wedge between people. O God, I did not let anyone be hungry or crying.
I did not kill or betray anyone. I have not stolen anything from people.
I have not harmed anything sacred and I have not betrayed or abused anyone.
I am pure in heart and pure in spirit.
The promise is true, and as long as I am innocent of sins, keep me in your presence
and today, make me one of the victorious ones.

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