Dahabiya sailtrip March 2023

March 19 to 27, 2023. Time for another trip to Egypt with the Dahabiya sailboat.
Travel with us for a while through the photos and trip reports.

My personal journey

When I think about this trip, I feel only gratitude and lots of love in my heart.
There are really no words to describe this trip. I will try anyway...

We set off at the airport.
I brought notebooks with a personally written quote in them. These quotes touched the hearts and we had a first fine 'gathering'.
Afterwards, it was time to visit Luxor and take in the temples and tombs. Regularly I see tears of emotion and recognition left and right. We occasionally put an arm around each other. We help each other to assume the overwhelming feeling.

After 2 intense days, we embark on the dahabiya. I expect a quiet day now with only the visit to the temple in Esna and plenty of space during the day to absorb the Nile deeply. Nothing is less true. Since we apparently boarded the boat half an hour away from Esna, there are 2 options. Sail back half an hour or visit a temple and tombs in the desert.
We chose option 2 and left before breakfast for a one-hour visit. What was supposed to be an hour turned into 3 hours!
We stand in front of a small temple that deeply touched all our hearts. The temple was created by Amenhotep 3 to honour his father Thutmoses 4.  A temple in honour of the turquoise Hathor, Hathor as "lady from the desert.
The gratitude in our hearts to be here is enormous. With me, there is also a strong feeling of being with my "ancestors".
At 11 a.m. we are back. Time for breakfast.
Time for that quiet day? Surely not. A few hours later we moored and visited the temple at Edfu, the temple dedicated to Horus.
I notice how fluid our visits to the temples are. It is not such a struggle to be able to close our eyes for a moment. We are taken into the stairwell, onto the roof. The energy is so beautiful. The moments together soo intense.
The next morning I am not at ease. Something triggered a deep sadness in me and I go to the deck at sunrise and ask Stefan and Diana if they can support me. The initial trigger quickly leads me to a deeper trigger from the old days and a deep healing may occur. We moor in the beautiful El Selsilla.  As we go off deck Anne asks me how I am and again tears stream over me.
I hold back a bit and finally calm down while feeling the warm desert sand beneath me.
In the afternoon we do a gathering on the banks of the Nile. Half the group feels the deep peace of the place. The other half feels a trigger. We had placed a mat in the middle for healing. After a round of sharing, I ask if I can be the first on it. My process is not yet complete, I can feel it. Everyone is around me to support me. At one point Younes says, "It is now time for purification in the Nile".
With my clothes on I step into the Nile. I feel a huge rage coming out of my depths and I hear 2 deep powerful screams coming out of me. Now the process is complete...
'Wow, in the Nile you were angry for a while say,' Diana tells me. Yes, the release of a deep anger.
That release was necessary to fulfill my mission and focus for this journey. It may sound a little strange, but somewhere deep inside me I sensed the need to bless all of Egypt...
After this healing in myself, one healing follows after another in the group. I feel that I am totally there and everyone is with me. At our disposal, at our service, in deep sacred power. When we visit a perfume shop in Aswan for a meditation with the chakras, something remarkable happens. The fragrances take us all into a deep meditation. Hearing the hymn of Isis, there is enormous recognition. I sing the entire melody along as if I remember it! Then I raise my arms and feel my deep being release a blessing for all of Egypt from my hands.
I know that my mission for this journey is fulfilled...
What a journey! What a group! Loving, caring, and disposable to each other.


The experience of one of the participants

Totally unexpected ............. A gift.

Carried by the Nile was the name of this trip, nothing was less true.
I felt carried, by the Nile, by Egypt, by the special people I was surrounded by.
A journey never to forget,
A journey I will always remember,
A journey full of insights, emotions, connecting and letting go.
A journey of rebirth.
Grateful that I could be part of it.
One of the many beautiful moments was when I felt it was time for purification in the Nile.
I still remember us sitting in a circle on the bank.
A moment so powerful, so intense in this beautiful nature, supported by you, my co-travelers.
Later we also had a delicious BBQ under the moon and stars on the banks of the Nile, provided by our engaging cook and attentive crew.
The many temples we visited were one by one magical.
Grateful and satisfied, I reflect on this trip.
Whether I would go again?
Of course, without a doubt.

Another inspiring journey.

I feel so grateful for so much light I was able to receive, for the amazing presence and guidance of Veerle and Younes and the amazing presence of my travel companions. 
It is not easy to put into words but I am trying and walking through it again .

My my intention for the trip was to let go of the image of myself, keeping in mind Toth's message: making boundaries, there is no beginning and no end and 'only spoken words can create'.

A first gathering in the airport, warm and with flow, with a quote in a booklet we set off. Arriving in Luxor we are welcomed with flowers by Younes, the tone is completely set.
The first day, a visit to the temple of Karnak and Luxor, is an immersion in the powerful energy as well as in the world of hieroglyphics and symbols. I feel supported by the group and my breath, which throughout the journey brings me to my being, as well as to something infinite. In Karnak, I feel the connection with the sun.
The next day we ride bicycles to the Valley of the Kings. Awesome!
Together with Stefan and Yvonne, I walk on foot through the Valley of the Kings to Eye's tomb. Hard to describe what I felt but it was impressive to take in the surroundings. Another deep breath from my being and all my body formed the sound AAA. The visiting of the tomb itself brings me into a grieving process,the support of the group each in his own process is so touching. As I step back outside I feel joy, the drama is gone. I feel the space in my lungs and chest and a question arises: what energy do I want to leave here on earth?
The next day we sail to a piece of desert, and we visit a small simple temple made by Amenhotep 3 for his father Thutmoses 4 in honor of the turquoise Hathor. So humble and so beautiful inside. Also we visited tombs of Nobles where I discovered the first musicians . In the afternoon we visit by horse and carriage  Edfu, the Temple of Horus . Together with Veerle An and Yvonne we are taken to the roof and experience a beautiful energy together. I feel connection with nature with simplicity and feel flying when I get outside .
The next day I get up for the sunrise and I feel myself bowing and a voice says, "We are very grateful for your presence here on earth." I feel silent about it .
Visit to Gebel, El Silsila, Speos of Horemheb and Rock shrines. I enjoy the surroundings and the fine energy.
In the afternoon we anchor at a nice green place and we do a gathering on land. Veerle puts herself in the middle and goes into process . I feel compassion rising but after a while it triggers me. I stay with the beautiful purification in the Nile of Veerle and Diana. Afterwards I let the tears flow . Veerle joins and after a while Younes too .Tears flow as if an anger defrosts and turns into sadness and compassion. I feel a shell melting. Energy flows between the three of us. Afterwards I go swimming in the Nile and lay on a blanket in the sun . A deep knowing I don't have to take care of anyone, I nestle into my spine. In the evening, a nice cozy barbecue.
The next day, a visit to the temple of Kom Ombo where I slide into a "unity experience," guided by Stefan, thank you . With Mohamed, our Egyptian butler we go to a local Souk with a Tok Tok. I think we then tried almost all the vehicles in Egypt .
Afterwards a deep meditation with essential oils where I feel my skin disappearing . Later in the day some shopping at The Nubian Village.
Abu Simbel and Temple of Nefertari are the last temples : in the temple of Ramses 2 I see the relationship with my father passing by and in the temple of Nefertari I feel the feminine power and the heartwarming energy of Hathor.
In the afternoon I say goodbye to the Nile and play along with some children who offer me a cake made out of sand .
A final warm gathering with compliments. I am sometimes really surprised by the things that are said, some of them only really enter at home . A great journey, thank you everyone for helping to change the image of myself.

A new intention is set:

  • to accelerate my program
  • I am a divine person
  • I wish to give myself to the world

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